Finding Passion: My Passion for Fashion

Many moons ago, I stumbled upon this article by Mark Manson.  

“Remember back when you were a kid? You would just do things. You never thought to yourself, “What are the relative merits of learning baseball versus football?” You just ran around the playground and played baseball and football. You built sand castles and played tag and asked silly questions and looked for bugs and dug up grass and pretended you were a sewer monster.

Nobody told you to do it, you just did it. You were led merely by your curiosity and excitement.”

It’s true, as I kid, I was heavily involved in EVERYTHING.  I read books endlessly, played sports, dabbled with art, took way too many honor classes, so on and so far.  Hell, I even started my own little business of beaded key chains when I was ten years old.  Looking back, it was a glorious time in my life.  As Mark so eloquently said,

“There was no bullshit. If you liked something, you just did it.”


Fast forward many years later, I felt lost and found that I was often lamenting about how I still hadn’t figured out life, jealous of everyone else who seemed so happy as they followed their passions.  Hell, I wondered what I was even passionate about; what would make me happy?  It’s for that very reason, this article resonated with me so much,

”You already found your passion, you’re just ignoring it.

Could it really be that simple?  After much introspection (which really meant asking all my friends to psychoanalyze me), I finally listened to what my heart (and my friends) have been saying all along… I love fashion.

With that simple realization, I’ve decided to take the plunge and follow my passion… for fashion!  After many months of hand-wringing over how I would pull this off, there seem to be no better day or time, than to launch this blog my birthday because I’m “unable to quit as I am too legit.”  

Beyond a personal statement for my initial post, this outfit is a perfect casual weekend outfit – jeans, soft t-shirt and a statement necklace.  Top it off with a pair of Chucks and you’re ready to run errands and then meet up with some friends for coffee at a cat cafe.  Naturally.  🙂


img_7291Photo credit: Liz Calka

So, happy birthday to me and happy birthday to Broadcloth!  🙂  Thanks for  joining me on this ride!

Top: Ava Wilde (Note, I’m wearing a large.  Check the size measurements)
Bottoms: Gap, old.  Like REALLY old.  Similar from Gap
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Zara, old.  Similar/just plain awesome from Baublebar and John Lewis

P.S.  I personally love awkward shots, because that’s just how life is.  Here’s my favorite from this shoot.  Rawr.



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