Brocade + Black: A Mostly Monochromatic Look

I love dressing in black.  I would wear all black, if I wasn’t worried about the unapproachable vibe it often projects.  It’s for that reason I LOVE this little sweater – a colorful brocade, framed by a speckled knit, all upon a base of black.


You’re probably wondering, what the hell is a brocade?  In attempts to simply the process, brocade is a woven fabric, usually of multicolored silks, combined with gold or silver threads.  It’s made with a supplementary weft technique, which creates an embossed look.  In short, it’s gorgeous and I’ve always been a big fan.

With the bright and metallic threads of the brocade, I didn’t feel the need to shy away from pairing it with more black.  Since this sweater was on the shorter and boxier side, I wore it with a wide-legged trouser to balance out my proportions and so not to look too top heavy.






See that face isn’t unapproachable 😀

Top: Anthropoligie, old.
Bottoms: Gap, old. Like REALLY old.  Similar here and here.
Shoes: Zara, old.  Similar here.
Earrings: Vintage, permanently borrowed from my Mom 🙂
Ring: Vintage, bought in Prague

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