Sparkles + Shifts: Dressing for the Office Holiday Party

Tis the season for holiday festivities!  Usually on the calendar is the office holiday party.  Now this is an iconic event that has been immortalized, through endless movies and the holiday episode of our favorite sitcoms.  I’m sure we call could exchange a few war stories of company outings gone wrong.

Now, this story hardly tops the scale for epic holiday horror stories, but it’s a lesson that was well learned.  One year, I had a holiday party at an aquarium.  It was incredible to experience all the fish and animals after hours without the hoards of school kids crowding in front of you.  Since, it was a holiday party, I naturally dressed the part – a cute cocktail dress, sky-high stilettos, and sparkly earrings.  

Big. Mistake.

Company holiday parties are already hard enough.  You practically need to be a circus performer to elegantly balancing a plate of hor devours and drink in one hand, in order to keep the other free to shake hands and possibly kiss some babies.  Add four inch heels and the opportunity to traipse through endless hallways of fishtanks, it wasn’t long before I was doing the my-shoes-are-killing-me-and-I-think-my-feet-are-going-to-revolt dance.  And we hadn’t even gotten to the dance-off portion of the night.  

It wasn’t a great look and I doubt I made the right impression as I tried to network through a grimace and possible beads of sweat rolling down my forehead.  Suffice to say, I’ve learned my lesson and plan my holiday outfit with a bit more thought.

I love this dress because it’s so comfortable and versatile, but yet has edgy little details.  Also, POCKETS.  I can easily dress it down for a regular day in the office or dress up it with a big sparkly statement necklace for the office holiday party.  Add a clutch and flats (yes, flats.  I’ve learned my lesson.  I’m saving the heels for another occasion), and you’ll have a great night with your coworkers.

Happy Holidays and Happy Festivus!


Dress: Asos.  Similar here, here, and here.  Also LOVE this.
Necklace: Banana Republic, old.  Similar here, here, and here.
Tights: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Zara, old.  Similar here.
Clutch: From a market in China.  I had way too much negotiating a price. 

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