21 Stunning Little Black Flats

There’s always a lot of fluff about the perfect little black dress.  However, the single most ubiquitous item found in every woman’s closet is the little black flat.  It’s the shoe that goes with everything – your favorite business casual look for the office, boyfriend jeans on the weekend, traveling through Europe, and so on.  

If you’re anything like me, (and even if you’re not), you find that you’re often walking places – as a part of your commute into work, on your way to happy hour, back home after you stayed far too long at said happy hour… As a direct result, I’ve found flats to be MUCH easier on the feet (and so many other joints).  Walking a mile in heels just isn’t happening anymore.  

However, it doesn’t mean a girl can’t rock a sweet shoe, even if it is a black flat.  Ladies, PLEASE avoid the round-toe ballet flat with a tiny bow.  Yes, it’s cute but it looks much better on the 12-year old little ballerina with the perfect little chignon.  You, however, you get so many stunning options and I’ve gathered some of my favorites right here.

No Boyfriend, but Hello Boyfriend Blazer!
The String Bow Tie

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