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6 More Weeks of Winter

Groundhog’s Day has passed by and that furry little bastard has promised us 6 more weeks of winter.  The weather in DC actually hasn’t been all that bad, but it’s still cold (for me) and it doesn’t feel like spring, despite the fact that the new lines are out for the upcoming season.  

Well actually, the weather is all over place.  One minute it’s ’s 30 degrees outside, another day it’s 65, and then they’re calling for snow.  Either way, I don’t quite feel ready to wear a flowery, off the shoulder number quite yet.  Since getting dressed in the morning can be so confusing, I wanted to collect some of my favorite pieces to help you transition through the seasonal changes.  I hope to continue to do a little round-up going forward, on a weekly basis.  I dub thee, Friday Favorites.  🙂

Simple, Sleek, but Still a Statement
No Boyfriend, but Hello Boyfriend Blazer!

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