No Boyfriend, but Hello Boyfriend Blazer!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day but I largely just see it as just another Tuesday.  Granted, that might be the single-girl in me.  Though, to my own defense, I’ve never really cared for the day.  I mean, I want flowers EVERYDAY, and not just this random day in February.  Same goes for chocolate.

But the lack of a manfriend isn’t going to prevent me from borrowing from their closet.  This especially goes for the boyfriend [cut] blazer.  Now, this is hardly a new trend, but it’s one I love.  I don’t love suits, but a good jacket can elevate any look.  A boyfriend blazer is a great way to “corporate-up” but not feel too stuffy or constrained.

The key to the boyfriend blazer is not to look slouchy.  Yes, the idea behind the trend is to be oversized – the cut won’t nip in at the waist as much, the button(s) will likely be placed lower, and the length should be a little longer (just past the hips).  However, the shoulders should still fit, like any other item of clothing.  I like a light shoulder pad, to give the jacket more structure and the oversized cut looks more intentional instead of ill-fitting.

This jacket has a great pattern/texture from the wool herringbone tweed fabric.  It’s a great departure from the typical black jacket.  Pairing it with skinny black pants and knee-high boots, help balance out the proportion of a looser-fit jacket.  I love to dress up the lapels with a few pins or brooches, instead of going for a necklace.  I’ll even share a little secret with you; if you don’t have the perfect pin just use some statement earrings, like I did here.  I just poked the stud through the fabric and added the backing per usual.  Shhhhh! 😉

And so not to be a total hater, I wore a little red/burgundy for Valentine’s day.  🙂

Blazer: Banana Republic, old.  Similar here, here, and here.
Bottoms: Banana Rebuplic, old. Similar here and here.
Shoes: Sofft, old.  Similar here, here, and here.
Jewelry: Vintage


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