Taking a [Personal] Fashion Risk on the Oversized Shirt

There comes a moment in all of our lives, be it big or small, where we’re looking to try something new. It may be the latest restaurant, a new job, a different city, or even simply a new fashion trend.

From time to time, I enjoy picking something outside of my comfort zone.  This oversize shirt was definitely one of those moments.  It’s a trend I’ve sought after for a long time, seeing it done so well, by so many girls, I envied them.  But given my body shape and my petite size, I found myself returning shirt after shirt back to the rack because they just didn’t work.

While at the newly opened & Other Stories store in Georgetown, I tried my luck once again with this shirt.  The second I slipped it on, I was impressed by the design of the shirt.  Staring in the mirror I kept pulling, pinning, and tucking sections of the shirt to see if there was anything I could alter to make this look more flattering.  But that’s when I realized that every cut and seam was thoughtfully placed.  By altering even the smallest thing made all other aspects look ridiculous.  Since the shoulders were properly cut, despite the oversized width of the rest of the shirt, it still had the appropriate fit without getting sloppy.  The sleeves were the perfect length, but otherwise oversized to match the body.

I stepped out of my little dressing room to get the reviews from others, still wringing my hands on whether or not it looked good.  After much cajoling from both friends and staff, I decided to pull the trigger and made the purchase.  But I honestly, still wasn’t convinced continued to ask every person to pass judgement, showing them a picture of me in the shirt.

Admittedly, I think the jury is still out on whether this look is for me.  I worry that it’s too big for my frame, that it makes me look bigger than I am.  Or that I look like a kid playing dress-up in daddy’s shirt.  But, I still decided to keep it, partially because I also think that I look like some chic artist, strolling down the canals in Amsterdam back to her studio, in the most effortlessly cool way.  Cool artist, little kid playing dress up… not that far apart.

I also believe that it’s important to always push for yourself to try something new.  In this instance it was something incredibly small but I liked image I created in my head, so I went for it.  It’s a small way for me to constantly challenge the status quo, never get too comfortable, and keep things interesting.  Who knew that a simple white shirt could do so much.



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