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Down the Dior Rabbit Hole

I recently found myself down a Dior rabbit hole on the internet.  It’s old news that Raf Simon left the helm, after only three years.  However, he made a point to take inspiration from the classic Dior and I wanted to find a way to compare and contrast the work of creative directors past.  Instead, I ended up on the Dior site watching previous runways [no surprise here].

I was specifically enchanted by the 2015-2016 Autumn-Winter Haute Couture Show, one of Raf Simon’s last runways before his departure from Dior.  It was a mesmerizing runway – beautiful effeminate clothing set against the dreamy, colorful backdrop reminiscent of pointillism.  You could easily see Dior’s love of flowers and gardens everywhere in the set that was then compounded with eerie pulsating music, all to drew you in.

One of my favorite looks (one I’m still dreaming of) is Sihouette 37, a ‘pale blue silk chiffon dress with ‘“cannage” jewelry dress’.  It’s feminine but cool and classic, effortless flowing as the model walks.  Best of all, the “cannage” gives it a little edge, that I just can’t get enough of.

If you haven’t seen a Dior runway show yet, it’s the perfect 7 minute break if your day.  In fact, go ahead and watch all the shows.


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