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It always seems that when I’m stressed and have too much to do, I find myself splayed on the couch, re-watching just about anything on Netflix instead.  Logical, I know.  This weekend was no different, as I curled upon the couch to watch, yet again, one of my favorite documentaries, Dior and I.  

It’s an incredible film that follows Raf Simons, as he assumes the helm at Dior and faces the immense  pressure of delivering his first haute couture line, something that is new and outside his wheelhouse.  Dichotomously spliced throughout the documentary is footage of Christian Dior himself, as he builds his namesake atelier.  I love this film because it’s not just about fashion, but about two men – creator versus successor, old versus new – facing the the same feat of impressing the world.

I’m fascinated by Simons’ process, both cerebral and physical, as he shapes his vision, though careful to pay respect to the man that created the powerhouse brand.  Most fascinating of all is not the creative journey, but the [awkward] battle of winning over an incredibly experienced, talented, and loyal team of craftsman by a largely unproven leader.

All of this, within a house where the spirit of it’s mastermind lives, both literally and figuratively as there are ghost stories that Christian Dior still walks the halls.

If you haven’t seen it yet, find a rainy afternoon to curl up on the couch and watch this film.  You can find it on Netflix or Amazon.

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