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    The String Bow Tie

    The seasons are changing and it’s all about the transitional wardrobe now.  The weather last few days in DC have been GLORIOUS and very spring-like.  But then reality kicks in and…

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    21 Stunning Little Black Flats

    There’s always a lot of fluff about the perfect little black dress.  However, the single most ubiquitous item found in every woman’s closet is the little black flat.  It’s the shoe…

  • Style

    No Boyfriend, but Hello Boyfriend Blazer!

    Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day but I largely just see it as just another Tuesday.  Granted, that might be the single-girl in me.  Though, to my own defense, I’ve never really cared…

  • Friday Finds Style

    6 More Weeks of Winter

    Groundhog’s Day has passed by and that furry little bastard has promised us 6 more weeks of winter.  The weather in DC actually hasn’t been all that bad, but it’s still…

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    Simple, Sleek, but Still a Statement

    I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Did… Yeah, I wish.  Usually the alarm goes off and I end up hitting the snooze button at least 3 (or 7) times.…

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    Bold Printed Midi for the Petite

    I’ve heard so many ladies say that because they are on the petite side, they feel like they can’t do a bold print because it swallows them up.  Midi dresses usually…